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A 21 years old IT engineer student.

Not only Jupyter. Google Colab, R Markdown, and much more.

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Interactive notebooks are experiencing a rise in popularity. Why?
Simply because it’s a great teaching environment, powerful, shareable, and provides the ability to perform data visualization in the same environment. Which interactive notebooks should I use? I recommend:

  • The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text.
  • Colaboratory is a free Jupyter notebook environment that requires no setup and runs entirely in the cloud.

Both of them support

  1. Markdown which is a markup language that is a superset of HTML.
  2. Latex to render mathematical…

Machine Learning Problems

Top 6 Machine Learning Solutions to Business Problems

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Data science and machine learning are two very popular words when talking about the Big Data revolution, behavior prediction, or simply the digital transformation of companies.

They are new fields of work, which have augments traditional analytical capabilities to help companies make better decisions. It relies on useful data and can only be applied to certain specific issues.

Data science has become a source of added value for companies.

Predict the profitability of a marketing campaign

Companies often need to evaluate the ROI (return on investment) of a campaign — or simply compare several campaigns — before launching it, in order to estimate if it is worth…


You don’t have to write codes from scratch.

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When we start a project, we often need the help of some libraries and modules to overcome some problems and accelerate the workflow.

Fortunately, Python has plenty of useful built-in modules, as well as third-party libraries and modules for different use cases. In this article, we’ll look, and study, only some interesting built-in modules, which are very beneficial for your projects.

1. re — Regular expression operations

Regular expressions are used in almost all languages. It is a very powerful tool that allows you to check if the content of a variable has the form of what you expect.

A RegEx, or Regular Expression, is a…


Simulate complex physics equations

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Physical science is based on simplifications and approximations: orbits are always circular, projectiles fly without air resistance, pendulums swing only at small angles. These kinds of simplifications are necessary and appropriate when you’re first trying to understand the basic laws of nature, (those approximations are useful, we lose a little precision, contrariwise we save a lot of time (for example the approximation used in the magnetic moment), but the real world is far more complex and interesting. Because the ultimate goal of physics is to understand the real world.

Fortunately, computers make it possible to perform extremely lengthy calculations in…


Understand SQL, Relational Algebra, Relational Databases, and SQlite3 for Python

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  1. Basic concepts and terminology.
  2. Creation of a relational schema with SQL (DDL).
  3. Relational algebra.
  4. Aggregation functions.
  5. DML (Data Manipulation Language).
  6. DQL (Data Query Language) (SELECT query).
  7. Access to databases with Python (sqlite3 module).

Basic Concepts and Terminology


Descriptive statistics is crucial before the process of inferential

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Data types
  3. Analyzing Quantitative Data
    Measures of Center
    Measures of Spread
    Shape of distribution
    IV. Outliers
  4. Descriptive vs. Inferential Statistics
  5. Looking Ahead
  6. Summary


The word “data” is defined as distinct pieces of information. You may think of data as simply numbers on a spreadsheet, but it can come in many forms from text to videos to spreadsheets and databases to images to audio … Utilizing data is the new way of the world. Data is used to understand and improve nearly every facet of our lives, from early disease detection to social networks that allow us…


With examples from the world of Data Science

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Table of contents

  • What’s Recursion?
  • Recursion in Programmation
  • Examples from the worlds of Data Science
  • Conclusion

What’s Recursion?

Recursion is a concept that refers to itself in its operation. This is found in all artistic fields: literature (mise en abyme), painting, photography …
A physical world example would be to place two parallel mirrors facing each other. Any object in between them would be reflected recursively.
We use recursion every day when we define words! Indeed, we use words to define others, themselves being defined by other words!

Recursion in Programmation

In programming, it’s a function that refers to itself. Two functions can call each other, this is…

Wirecard collapse and EY at the heart of the affair

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Since Friday 25 July 2020, all operations were prohibited after the bankruptcy of the German giant of online payments Wirecard.

Wirecard, a company with multiple activities

There are two major countries for Wirecard. First, in the United Kingdom where we can find the company “Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (WDCS)” but also “Wirecard Bank AG”. Then there is a company in Germany which is also called “Wirecard Bank AG” and another called “Wirecard AG”.

The Wirecard Galaxy in Europe

  • Wirecard AG (DE): is a company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. At the last count in 2019, it has 5,154 employees.
  • Wirecard Bank AG (DE): This company has been part of the…

Image source: Github Satellite

All you need to know about the GitHub Satellite 2020

What’s GitHub?

Github is a platform that helps developers around the world to work and collaborate with each other, it’s also the biggest source of open-source projects…

Check this video for more information

What‘s GitHub Satellite?

GitHub Satellite is an annual international event — actually, it’s the largest developer event outside the US, that brings big ideas, free product talks, protips for developers and especially for teams, workshops.

Do I need to register?

No action is required to join the event, just save the date: May 6. But you have to register in case you want to join a workshop session on May 7.

Why everyone is invited to GitHub Satellite 2020

Exceptionally, this year everyone can attend…

Data Science

Understand Data Science and Data Types (Structured, Unstructured …)

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Table of contents

  1. What’s Data Science?
  2. Is Data Science a New Filed?
  3. Types of Data
  4. Data Formats/Sources
  5. Summary and Conclusion

What’s Data Science?

Data science is the study of large quantities of data. Like biological sciences is a study of biology, physical sciences, it’s the study of physical reactions. It is the process of using data to understand different things, to understand the world.
Data science is a field about manners to extract data from various forms of whether it is unstructured or structured form. It’s a multi-disciplinary field that brings together concepts from computer science, mathematics/ statistics, and data analysis.

The heart of data science…

Khelifi Ahmed Aziz

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